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We would like to hear from anyone who has purchased one of the Pete Cornish TB-83 Treble Boosters. If you could offer us a review, or your thoughts, we would be very grateful.

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review 1 by Chris Franks:

I have a Pete Cornish treble booster (i got it 4 years ago, it isnt one of the re-issues, but Pete assures me that they're tonaly the same).

Basically, the thing is priceless to me.  I cant imagine not using it.  I have my problems with it - the battery power supply makes me nervous of it cutting
out in the middle of a gig, but its a necessety because other power supplies  affect the sound apparently - and its big!
Mines about twice the size of the re-issues - not wishing to brag ;)

Right, they're just about the only negative things i can think to say about it, so this wont be a very objective review.  As i said, this box is very
good. The tone, sustain, warmth and flexability of this pedal is, i dont know if theres a word for it, it's just exactly what i want to hear from a guitar.
I'd love to try it against the Fryer treble booster (apparently that produces less of a snowstorm in the background?).  Anyway, playing in the kind of
places i sometimes do its a case of "we're gonna play, wanna come along" and i always make sure i have this with me.  Even when (i cringe at the memories)
playing straight into a P.A. system through the Treble Booster and a Vox Valve Tone pedal, i got a sound which i was happy with.

Put infront of an AC30 (run flat out, or quieter with an overdrive pedal) and you start to get those silky, thick tones that are defined as "Brian May"
tones.  I've been looking for a way to describe the sound, and its hard.  Sometimes i just say its overdriven, and it is, but theres an added
"something" in there which i've not got from any other pedal.

Like Brian often says, its a simple little device.  It only has the one knob, and thats either set on full (most of the time) or slightly rolled back if im
getting microphonic feedback (rare, but its happened).  I've not had any problems using the Booster with other effects (overdrive, chorus, delay, phasing etc.)

So, all in all, im very pleased with this pedal and i owe Pete Cornish a debt of grattitude.  (He even sent me a six-pence with the unit!)